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About Me

Hey friends! My name is Masha Golovkova. I was born in Vienna, Austria, but I originally come from Russia.

My interest in the ever-changing field of business and marketing began at an early age. Because of my interest in the art of persuasion, customer behavior, and the always-changing digital world, a career in marketing would be a good fit for me. Therefore, I decided to attend the Business Marketing program at the Bachelor's level at Webster Vienna Private University. This is my last semester, and I am already applying for my master's program in marketing, as marketing is something that I want to continue and gain further knowledge in.

Art and photography have always been my driving hobbies. They let me show off my creativity and record the beauty of the world through a lens. I love to travel because it gives me a chance to see new places, learn about diffrent cultures, and meet new people.


Created by: Masha Golovkova

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