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Alle meine Freunde stinken morgens schon nach Bier

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

You're probably wondering what this post's title is about, especially if you speak/understand German. For some reason (aka my German second year who played it at almost every school event, cultural evening and party there was so far), this song called 'Bier' by 102 boys kinda became our (the German's) identification mark - everyone on the campus knows the song by now...


...UFF. First week of school is over and it hit me hard. I mean, I knew LPC (academics) would be harder than German school but I really didn't expect it to be this much. Even though we only have 4 classes a day (à 70min) (Tuesdays we have 5) and only 6 subjects which we could choose (mainly) freely, everything is just so much more intense than I'm used to. But tbh, I really enjoy it (IB) so far (I bet I'm gonna regret ever having said that in a few weeks/months) because you for once actually learn something and the teacher (at least mine) can actually teach and explain stuff in a way that you understand it and everything is just freaking organized (except me) and planned; it's kinda scary (we got a year plan with every lesson we'll have, which topic we'll do and what homework we'll get in advance). 

(Aside from school) I enjoy everything here so much, I can't even describe it. People here are such legends... Also, I promised my Brit friend to give her my EUnify Hoodie (that she already stole from me like a hundred times) for her Global Politics presentation on Brexit tomorrow.   

Since I'm not really in my room much (except for sleeping ofc) (and procrastinating oom..) and I don't know if I even have a right to say this, but I find that my room is intimidatingly big (I'm in the biggest room in our block), I never felt the need to decorate my corner. The only thing I did is hang up my  E-COW-NOMICS poster and my Berlin flag. I love how people here are so friendly and invite/welcome you at any time and because there are so many people here and you can always go to different rooms, you can't really annoy anyone by always coming over (with exception of Saf (my buddy) - sorry for always occupying your bed, I love you!!). Also, you can't image how my heart melts when people leave notes saying 'I came by to see you! -Love, XY' or ask if I wanna come over to watch a movie. *APPRECIATION*

Also, Harvard University (a teacher of ours kindly told us we should participate because for most of us, it would be the closest we would ever come to Harvard...) conducted a so-called 'UWC Impact Study' (Part 1/4) and it isn't that important what they asked, but I'd really like to know how they collect and interpret our answers. I don't know if we'll ever get them back, but I think it would be quite interesting to see how I and my answers will change over the next two years. A friend of mine told me today how IB already changed me in terms of 'getting my shit together' and it's actually true. I mean, I'm still the most unorganized and failing student on campus but at least I realized it now and made up a plan to change that (even though I already missed all the goals I set for myself & the goals being a) do your homework BEFORE class, b) get folders, sheets of paper, pens, a marker and post-it notes and c) don't be late...) But I'm trying to improve, so that is what counts! (Isn't it???)

Btw, I can't believe I've only been here for two weeks. It feels like at least two months!! But I'm super glad that I haven't been homesick yet ; )

Lots of Love / LOL,


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