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Flight to Hong Kong

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

I know this post is late but I need to talk about the flight. Until then, I’ve never been on a plane in my whole life. In the beginning, it was just because we never went far away from home on vacations, but a few years ago, the environmental aspect became one of the biggest reasons for me to not fly (haha FAIL). And tbh, also a great deal of fear.

Anyways, I set foot in an Airbus AY1432 just before 9 AM the day before yesterday and you can’t imagine how extremely terrified I was of the thought of trusting the most precious thing I have (my life) to people (/a machine) I’ve never even met. I know it’s strange and very unreasonable because basically everything I do all day long is (potentially) more dangerous than flying. But it’s feelings you know, it’s nothing I rationally decide to think about.

About flying itself: I was very surprised how smoothly everything went & was hella happy that my ears didn’t hurt much, but everything was just way too excited/terrifiing/surreal for me; I felt a little overwhelmed. The food was good though and even though Leyla had to watch me get excited over every tiny thing (WOAAAAHH THIS IS SOOO FAST) (Wait WHAT…????) (ARGH we are FLYINGGG) (YO is this normal?!) (AHAHAH I LOOOOOVE IT) (it aCtually is just like riding the train) (Leyla look, the clouds below us, how aWEsOmE!!) (I just noticed how weird it is to say ‘the clouds below us’) (and so on), arriving in Helsinki was bad, I didn't think landing would be so much like riding a rollercoaster (which I hAte)... But everything was fine and so we had a few hours to spend in Helsinki airport (prices are SICK), and our Finnish Co-Year only arrived a minute before boarding started (that’s UWC punctuality I guess).

But most importantly: We texted a bit with our Y2's and Y3's and they told us which Houses Leyla and I were gonna be in (Leyla is in Block 4 (furthest from everything haha)) and I got follow requests on Instagram from two Y2 girls (of who one has a Youtube Chanel that I hadbinge-watched when applying ;) ) and was like ‘Why the hell would they want to follow me, we don’t even know each other (yet)’ but then I watched their stories and thing was, they said they shared a room. So I was super excited and hyped (literally EVERYONE looked as I screamed ‘Fuck YES!!’ and started dancing weirdly). Then, my super dope (hopefully) Jamaican 2nd-Year texted me via DM something like “Hey, were excited to have you at LPC“ and I was FLIPPING. I asked them whether this meant they are my Y2 Roommates and they said yes and just sent a photo of themselves with the words “We’re super excited to meet you“. OMG MY HEART FELL INTO MY PANTS !!! (If you’re reading this, don’t be embarrassed please) But then we were on the plane and had to turn our phones off (which doesn't mean that our (mine at least) excitement was tempered in any way.) 

So, long story short, the flight to HK was okay, the food was okay and the landing was awful but I survived, so no worries. 

I guess, this is the end! (Wow, how can one be so bad at finding a way to end a post...)

Lots of Love / LOL,


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