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Life update (or upgrade?) - Part 1

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

I have genuinely been meaning to write this post for about four weeks, but every time I sat down in front of my laptop, the hectic life here swept me away or I just didn't know what to write about. Because no matter how many great opportunities we get and how many great things happen here, at the end of the day, LPC is actually just a school.

Term one gallery

The more I think about how weird it is that term one will already end in tEN dAys, the more I feel like as if we're in a time wrap - how is it that it's only been threepointfive months since we arrived? And how is it that it has already been three and a half months?? The intense way of LPC and Hong Kong and just living with your friends (and teachers) makes every day seems so long and I don't think my life has been filled with many moments of joy, laughter, exhaustion and sleep deprivation (and I mean ACTUAL sleep deprivation. I mean that lifestyle where you stay up until 3 am e v e r y n i g h t to catch up onyour work because you've been socialising all day - or procrastinating).

I don't know about other UWC's but at least at LPC, you meet with your tutor and your tutor group (usually six to eight first and second years) to eat dinner (my tutors very much into health and therefore we are being fed accordingly... and go hiking A LOT) (which I love though), discuss your week and maybe consult your tutor/tutees if you are having a problem or just have a nice time.

Last week, for example, my tutor (who is from South Africa and Jewish) invited our tutor group, the Jews at LPC and my 5th or 6th year (I can't remember) who was also her tutee (and who, funnily enough, is half Turkish / half German just like my Co-Year Leyla and also from Berlin - and resembles her a lot I think. Just a bit older) for Shabbat with her family. They explained to us what Shabbat meant to them and included us in all the traditions: the women lit the candles, the boys wore Kippahs, we drank grape juice from silver goblets and our tutors husband spoke a blessing.

This made me realise once again what unique opportunities LPC (and UWC in general) offers its students in gathering insights into other cultures, religions and ways of living that are different to the ones we grew up with. And even though I do not have a spiritual connection to Judaism, Shabbat or some of their beliefs, it was still an awesome experience and definitely did the ‘intercultural exchange’ part of IB justice :)

A few weeks ago, some students (all dressed up of course - mom, I wore a DRESS) got the opportunity to volunteer at the annual Hong Kong ICM banquet which is basically an event where all the rich people of HK come together and bid on stuff. The money they bid then goes into projects that address and help poor families and especially children to live a better life (e.g. pay for children to go to school or pay for health insurance and medical surgeries).

Each one of us table assistants was assigned to one table (I think there were like 60 or so) and our role in this event was basically to answer questions people at our table had regarding the bidding and how this whole system worked. That whole evening was just an overwhelming experience and I think I've never been more nervous about messing something up...!! Everything went more or less smoothly though and after everyone left, we were even allowed to eat all the left-over macarons, fancy cakes and even fancier chocolates. When we were finally back on the bus to school, all of us just blacked out in exhaustion.

Also: Hong Kong week (used to be China Week but because of the tense relations, we are not going to China this year) is coming up (TOMORROW)! To be precise, it already started today with an introduction workshop but more about that in the next post! [I forgot to upload this post that day, and Hong Kong Week is already over, but more about that in the next post]

Else, life here has mainly been composed of school, my extracurriculars (I’m gonna upload a post about those VeRY soon, promise!!) and spending time with friends. The moments I spend with friends are the most precious ones for me: we flew kites on the rooftop at sunrise, the community got their first maternity pic (congrats again Arham and Loup, if you are by any chance reading this), we've spontaneously made up songs on the piano and a friend cut my hair. I have fringes now. 

I also love how, even though we are all already kind of divided into (not-that-exclusive) friend groups by now, you can just go to any random person and talk to them, because everyone is just pretty open and happy to get to know you a little more.

I think I’m going to write about LPC as a UWC in a bit more depth and detail at some point, but I just want to say that despite all the flaws that UWC has that I’ve noticed only when I actually came here, I have still had the most amazing and fulfilling time so far, and even the downs are somehow magical. It’s the most I’ve ever felt like I belonged somewhere and I think part of this is due to the UWC spirit hovering over the campus like early morning mists, and even though that is not always noticeable, it's definitely always there. 

If you want to know what a regular day for me looks like, you can just go to @uwc_deutschland on Instagram (link: and watch the stories about LPC from when I took over their channel a few weeks ago.

So, I guess that's it from me again for now!

Lots of love / LOL,


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