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Orientation Week

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Just a quick disclaimer: orientation week (ow) was AWESOME, I really didn't think I would enjoy it so much (especially since school will start tomorrow, and that was what I was most excited about before coming here!)

The start of ow (monday), was all about academics and we had to meet in the assembly hall by 8.30 am which was not good at all for me (we might have been up later than we should've if we wanted to get the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep) (that didn't change the whole week) (I'm gonna be so dead once school starts...), even though I can't really say that since I only woke up at 8.30, rushed to the canteen, ate my noddles with chopsticks (I'm slowly turning into a pro) and had to listen to all the second years shouting "hahaha Masha, you're LATE" (didn't change either...) 

Later that day we had alcohol awareness in groups with second years and also met our tutor (it still feels kinda weird to call teachers by their first names, be introduced to their families and get invited to their flat) to go over our subject choices. So far, I'm taking bio, chem and global politics higher level and english A (language & literature), german self-taught and maths (analysis&approaches) standard level. In between and after that was socializing and meet-new-people time, but I can't really remember much about when I met who and what we talked about anymore. I can just assure you that I met tons of people and forget their names again straight away.

Tuesday was eotc (education outside the classroom) day which is basically the cas/qc (creativity, activity, service/quan-cai) (that's what they call the schools extracurriculars but for us they are compulsory) and we met with our tutor (again) to discuss our qc choices. If I get in, I'm gonna do lion dance, outward bound (outdoor activities: hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, kayaking...), students against slavery (sas), pioneers for sustainability (gps), café and maybe volleyball or ultimate frisbee. That day was also quan cai fair (all the qc's presented themselves and tried to get us to join their team), house games (VERY fun) and the third year flea market, where we could bargain hunt everything our third years left from curtains (highly recommended) to laundry baskets (again, highly recommended) and flags representing different nationalities/groups (I got a lgbtq+ flag to hang on my wall), they had literally everything. I also got super dope red nail polish, curtains, a bio study book, pink fake flowers, a water bottle, lots of school utensils and and and for only 20 hkd (that's around 2.30€!!)

Wednesday was when the food started to annoy me: chinese noodles with broth for breakfast and rice with soy sauce and vegetables for both lunch & dinner. I was mostly free that day (because the firsties from block 2 + 4 went to camp after lunch) and therefor went somewhere in HK with friends, we got bubble tea (passion fruit/green tea for life!!) (I don't like the bubbles tho, I always get it without) and ate lunch/dinner in town.

Camp for us (block 1/3) started the next day after the others arrived (safely) back on campus. To be honest, I wasn't really hyped to go because I'd only ever heard bad things about it, so I didn't expect much. But it honestly was super amazing and even though the toilets (holes) were DIsguStiNG af, everyone still bonded a lot more than on campus (even though lpc and meeting people there is already super intense since you are together 24/7). It was really fun and the next day, the hike was even cancelled/shortened because of rain and we went to the sea instead which was basically right around the corner ^^

The next days were filled with organizational stuff (HK-ID, IT-Session, Library Introduction...) and we had a Cantonese and a Civic Engagement Workshop, our first school party (stairs which sadly had to end at 9 (or rather was relocated to campus)) and on Saturday we had Special Dinner (everyone dressed up in there national costume) and ICE (International Cultural Evening) which was AWESOME. Our second years gave such great performances and it was a lot of fun to watch - can't wait till next year ; ) 

So that was orientation week. I don't really look forward to school starting tomorrow but it's ok, I just hope I'll survive IB. Maybe, some of you will already know when you read this blog post... ; )

Lots of Love / LOL,


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