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Thoughts before UWC

Updated: Jan 11

For those of you who don’t know yet (which is basically impossible since everyone I know is bored of it already because I can’t shut up about it): I’m going to be studying at Li Po Chun United World College (LPCUWC) in Hong Kong. *i’M vERy exiTED*

On my phone, I have this app that counts the days until I leave for UWC. Until recently, it was a nice reminder of the mad adventure I was about to dive into, because from the very first moment I heard about UWC, I was struck by a contagious enthusiasm (that has yet to be tempered) for the movement, their values and all it entailed. Meeting the other applicants at the selection weekend and speaking to alumni and current students during the preparation weekend (“Zero-First-Year meeting“) only further strengthened the belief in me that UWC was a life-changing, irreplaceable experience which would forever change my life and enrichen it enormously. I fell in love with the thought of studying and living with students from all over the world and was, of course, over the moon when I received the acceptance letter to LPC.

I read a UWC blog recently, describing my emotional situation after being accepted perfectly, "You know that feeling when you know something is going to happen but you can't even begin to comprehend it? Your brain decides it's easier to accept it will happen, but tries not to think about it too deeply." That's exactly how I felt for weeks. But with time, as I met both my German Second-Years, returned my joining papers to LPC, got my visa and read the Student Handbook (at least a gazillion times), I began to realize that I was actually going to leave pretty much my whole life behind. Now, having arrived at the end of the countdown, and having said goodbye to most of my friends and family, the thought of leaving has become terrifying. Every time I think about moving to Hong Kong, I feel differently. However, I’m very much certain about my decision to attend LPC and I will not let myself be intimidated by the unknown, and I will begin this new chapter with a tremendous amount of curiosity and an open heart.

What I wanted to make this post about is the overwhelming gratitude and love I feel towards the people I have here in (and around - I’m not forgetting about my dearest suburb-ies) Berlin. You have made me laugh, cry, be brave and grow as a person. You made the first (or last - however you take it) fifteen years of my life be privileged, full of joy and simply beautiful - thank you so much for that! I feel so blessed to have such loving, loyal and strong friends and family who always support and encourage me to try new things - even if that means moving to the other end of the world. And, I’m also extremely grateful for UWC, because if I didn’t have the chance to leave for a United World College, I don’t know if I would have ever noticed quite how beautiful my life actually is and the people I am surrounded by.

One of the questions I keep asking myself is, “If I’m so wholeheartedly happy with my life right now, why the hell am I leaving it all for the unknown?“ I believe though, that this question is already partly answered by something a good friend of mine (Julius, if you read this: I couldn’t have said it any better! <3) once said, to quote him: “As a matter of fact, I have to say that UWC already changed my life before I even got accepted. It gave me hope that I could actually change something about the world.“ Knowing this, I’m sure UWC will teach me just so many more important lessons once I’m actually there. And this encourages me to believe that although I’m making all these sacrifices and leaving all these people I love behind, it will be worth it..!

Oh and to be frankly honest, my greatest terror at the moment is the flight to Hong Kong (that goes in 3h), which for some reasons worries me way more than what's going to happen once I arrive at college. But since I’ve never been on a plane in my whole life, I guess that’s normal.

Lots of love/ LOL, 


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