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As the title of this post already reveals, I'm staying in Block 3 (panda) (there are 4 & one where the principal lives) which is great because we have an awesome view on HK but are also not that far away from everything (like Block 4...)

I've now been here in LPC for almost 4 days and tomorrow Orientation Week (OW) will start, where we basically have to listen to a million school presentations and get to discuss IB, subject & CAS/QC choices, camp etc.

When Leyla, the Finish girl and I arrived at the airport, the first thing we noticed was that everything was incredibly quiet since no one except for flight passengers (of which there were surprisingly few) was allowed to enter the airport because of the recent (violent) airport protests. Everything seemed huge and when we got out, our principal was standing there holding a sign saying 'Li Po Chun UWC' and lead us to a group of 2nd-Years who welcomed us and were unbelievably nice (they bombarded us with questions and took all our suitcases, offered us self-made sandwiches and fruit juice and gave up their seats for us). It was a lot of fun getting to know everyone as we waited for a few hours in the Airport Hotel for other Firsties.

Then we got to LPC by a UWC school bus and I met my second year roommates (my other roommate from China arrived a day later) who are super lovely and even bought me some sweets (& French soap from Marseille - Mama you know what I mean) and wrote me little notes!! Also, I met my super awesome (with water guns playing) Pakistani/Lebanese 'Buddy'. At LPC, we have a buddy system, meaning that one firstie has one second year partner who's supposed to kinda guide you through the first days in this whole new world called Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong.

The following days were filled with A LOT of socializing, many fun activities and a little organizational stuff. Also, Alja (Firstie from Pakistan) and I managed to find our way back from Hong Kong Central to College as her 2nd-Year left us there (he wanted to stay there a little longer for some reason) which we are incredibly proud of and I also noticed that despite coming from all over the world and different socio-economic backgrounds, I feel WAY closer to / can bond better with any of the people I have met here so far than with people from back home. I think this is because we all are 'kinda' the same as we all share similar values and believe in the UWC movement which already says a lot about a person (I think).

A very funny incident on my first day was when I met 'Eloise from London' (that's what she always tells people) and she has the strongest British accent I have ever heard. You gotta know that I arrived with my EUnify Hoodie and we immediately started discussing Brexit & EU which was a lot of fun and quite ironic considering we had the exact same opinion on it but still couldn't agree because she was British and I'm German and therefor we felt like she had to defend the UK and I the EU. She really is the most hilarious person I ever met..!

Next post is prb gonna be about OW and camp..

Lots of Love / LOL,


Btw, the EUnify-Hoodie:

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