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Updated: Dec 23, 2019


Since it actually isn't that long (like 9 months but no Masha, that’s not that long) since I wrote & submitted my online application for UWC and I still remember how much I wished for some (useful) tips & experiences of the application process and so on, I thought I'd go over everything I submitted to my National Committee and share with you what I think are the things that made my application a strong one and eventually got me into UWC.

*Please remember that I went through the German application process and therefore can only talk about how they handle things in Germany.*

First of all, be sure UWC is actually what you look for. Don't apply if you want to attend a UWC because it will look good on your resumé or because t's a thing in your family. One thing that really bugged be was that there were quite a few people who only considered accepting a place if it was a certain college and/or if it wasn’t the college in Germany. When you apply, know that the chance of getting into a college that wasn’t your first choice or is the college of your home country is real and - at least in my opinion - the location of the College shouldn’t really be important if it’s the UWC movement you’re interested in.

DON’T DO WHAT I DID and start writing your application last-minute (omm.. *late December*) (most of it the day of the deadline..) (my mom was killing me, no joke) (omg enough side comments) (really Masha just stop it) (ARGH) (ok ok), but if you work best under stress (like me) there’s nothing you can do about that, right…? Seriously though, start early!

But most importantly, for your referee I recommend asking your favorite teacher because chances are they like you and know you fairly well, but ask them early and give them some background info on UWC.

Also, what should be a given, but somehow isn’t, is to never make grammar and spelling mistakes, because that gives the selectors the impression that you don't care enough about UWC to double-check your application and that's not the impression you want to give them. You can let someone proof-read your application to check your grammar and maybe tips to make your application more “you“.

…But most importantly: alWaYs bE yOUrSelF! Before writing my application I was very (VERY) worried about me not being interested enough in politics and such for a UWC candidate. Don't lie though or pretend to be something you're not because in the interview (the latest), they WILL notice! I for example just wrote about what I was actually passionate about: being outdoors, tracking school, hiking, vOLleYbalL... and not about anything related to politics at all. And I still got accepted.. ;) (I honestly think the selector just look for passionate people who share the UWC values and want to be(-come) engaged.)

My next point goes in line with that and it’s that you don’t need to be afraid to write about things you are normally judged for or made fun of. I for example have been and still are criticized a lot about being vegan and people often react kind of disrespectful and judgy if it pops up because for some reasons many people associate veganism with arrogance and negativity in general. Don't let that stop you from writing about such things if they are a big part of your life!

(I can’t think of any transition so I’m just going to start with my next point.)

Putting a little humor and creativity into all my answers helped my application a lot I think. I mean, reading all those applications must get boring at some point, so having some jokes in there will probably make you more memorable. My point is: interest them!! They read hundreds of applications, why should they look at yours more closely? Make it personal, ask questions, use anecdotes.

I think this post is long enough already, and I’m out of tips anyway so I guess this is the end.

Hope this helped some of you! If you have any questions/concerns/whatever, feel free to send me a message!


Lots of Love / LOL,


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